(Last updated February 18th, 2001.) U.S. Shamanics & Mechanical Zen
U.S. Shamanics & Mechanical Zen is me, J. Brad Hicks, since 1991 the author of the Mind Machine Digest mailing list's Mind Machine FAQ. Until June 1999, my business consisted of traveling around the United States, selling and renting meditation tools and legal mind altering technologies at conventions, festivals, and other events.

Well, thanks to Mal's E-Commerce and PayPal I've got a new online store back in business, selling mind machines from Photosonix, Synetic Systems, and Mind Gear. It's better than ever, with options to customize your mind machine to exactly the style and accessories that you want. And I'm close to raising enough money to sell at a short list of events, mostly in the St. Louis area.

Want to order lightframes for your existing mind machine or see an even wider selection of lightframes? See the separate comparison and order form.

Sale! For a limited time, get 10% off on all orders from the online store totaling more than $200 (before shipping and handling)!

Tentative Event Schedule

Date City Event
July 28-29, 2001 St. Louis, MO Pagan Picnic 2001
November 2-4, 2001 St. Louis, MO Magical Weekend 19

All of these event listings are tentative. I do not have confirmed reservations at any of them yet; they're just ones that I think I'll be able to set up at.

Contact Information

U.S. Mail:  8708 Crocus Ln Apt 6, St Louis, MO 63114-4356, USA
Electronic Mail:  info@us-shamanics.com
World Wide Web:  http://us-shamanics.com/

Extras & Freebies

Free XCELR8R II Sessions: Since customers keep asking for them, I've documented the custom-programmed sessions I use for some of my demos on the Mind Gear XCELR8R II, and provided them for you to download, at http://us-shamanics.com/xcelr8r2/.

New "us-shamanics" email mailing list! Want to be notified of new products, changes to my schedule, and other news related to my business? Want to discuss your mind machine purchase with other customers and subscribers? Then send an email message to us-shamanics-subscribe@yahoogroups.com, go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/us-shamanics, or use the following form:

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PS: What's the Significance of the Name?

  1. Shamanism is a form of religion or folk magic in which the medicine man alters his state of consciousness to bring back benefits for himself and his tribe. "U.S. shamanics" is my name for shamanism, American style. It's more accessable, less dangerous, more personal, less tribal, more technological, less spiritual, and probably less beneficial. But I insist that it is or ought to be every American's right to use their brain for fun and profit. If you don't own your own mind, what do you own?

  2. Zen is a path to enlightenment that specializes in koans, or brain puzzles intended to alter the way you think, and meditation, a practice for changing the way that you think and feel. "Mechanical zen" is my name for a collection of technologies that assist you in reaching those states.

  3. Finally, it's a pun on the late great Isaac Asimov's science fiction classic, I, Robot, in which the company that makes the world's best intelligent robots, and who invented the Three Laws of Robotics, is called U.S. Robotics & Mechanical Men. (If you haven't read it, do so.)

    U.S. Robotics, the modem manufacturer, borrowed their name from the same source. No, there isn't any business relationship between U.S. Shamanics & Mechanical Zen and either U.S. Robotics or the estate of Isaac Asimov.